Optalysys offers an opportunity to collaborate with the leaders in optical processing technology and develop cutting-edge solutions in your sector.

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We are looking for a select group of partners who are interested in pursuing joint collaborations that can utilise Optalysys’s groundbreaking optical processing technology for real-world applications. In return you would be working with an innovative and collaborative development partner who is the pioneer of optical computing and can help you achieve a step-change in high performance computing (HPC) processing power for your projects. This is particularly beneficial for areas where it is becoming increasingly common for traditional computing methods to fall short of providing the processing power required. For example model simulations for aerofoil design and weather forecasting and “Big Data” applications such as MRI data analysis and quantum computing (click here for more potential applications).

By 2020 our model simulation units should provide multiple exaFLOP processing speeds despite being powered from a standard mains supply. In comparison, existing supercomputers can cost several million dollars a year to run.

If you are interested in working together either now or in the future then please contact us and sign up for our newsletter below. We would love to discuss your projects.

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July Newsletter 2017

Welcome to the Optalysys July 2017 Newsletter – your regular update on the latest developments in optical computing. In this edition we cover our VP Engineering, Rob Todd visiting California, Dr Richard Juday in the Yorkshire office for a few days to work in the lab. Welcoming Corwin Joy as our second software developer and our new […]

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New Opening: Project Manager
Optalysys is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic project manager to join this pioneering team.
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Senior Software Engineer joins Optalysys

Optalysys welcomes a second Senior Software Engineer, Corwin Joy, to the team based in Nevada, USA. Corwin has over 20 years experience writing algorithms for high performance numerical computing. He holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Statistics from Rice University. Past projects include OLAP visualization tools at […]

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We’ve moved!

Welcome to our new UK Headquarters office based in Glasshoughton, West Yorkshire!  We are proud and excited to announce that our UK team moved to a new location on April 1st 2017 to support our growing team and laboratory space requirements. Over the past year we have expanded to 13 employees (10 in the UK, […]

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