Optalysys offers a revolutionary solution to complex model simulations and Big Data analytics at a fraction of the cost, time and energy consumption.

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At Optalysys we are building groundbreaking hardware products that will revolutionise Big Data processing and model generation technology. Our technology offers step-changing advances in how physical processes are modelled and resulting large data sets are analysed with direct relevance to science, engineering and “Big Data” applications. These are areas where it is becoming increasingly common for traditional high performance computing methods to fall short of delivering the processing power required. Examples include aerofoil design, weather forecasting, MRI data analysis and quantum computing (click here for more potential applications).

We anticipate our first product will be available at the end of 2017 and will perform next generation genomic sequence alignment and analysis.  It will be fast, powered from a PCIe interface and able to seamlessly integrate with existing computing setups.  This product is the commercialisation of the GENESYS project we are conducting with our partners the Earlham Institute.

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Optalysys, Ltd. Raises $4 Million Seed Round to Break Bottlenecks in Genomic Research and Big Data Analysis

Light-Speed Optical Processing Startup to Democratize Access to High-Powered Computing and Drive Advances in Research and Development GLASSHOUGHTON, WEST YORKSHIRE, U.K. and RENO, Nev.–September 20, 2017 Optalysys Ltd. (@Optalysys), a start-up pioneering the development of light-speed optical coprocessors, today announced the company raised 3.95 million U.S. dollars / 3.05 million British pounds from undisclosed angel […]

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Bio-IT World interviews Earlham Institute and Optalysys on using optical processing for genetic sequence alignment

Bio IT World interviewed the Earlham Institute and Optalysys in an article published on 18th September 2017, on how Optalysys’s optical computing technology is being applied to genetic sequence alignment.  This follows our recent joint press release, demonstration and presentation at the Genome 10k / Genome Science Conference on 29th-31st August 2017.   Click HERE to […]

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New video from Optalysys showing demonstration of latest prototype

Optalysys demonstrated its latest prototype at the Genome 10k/Genome Science conference on 29th to 31st August 2017 in Norwich, UK. The video shows the technology housed in a desktop computer performing genomic sequence alignment. At the conference, Optalysys collaboration partner, the Earlham Institute, presented the latest test results on the accuracy of the technology where […]

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Optalysys and The Earlham Institute Demonstrate Results of Breakthrough Optical Processing for Sequence Alignment

Prototype Technology to Advance and Democratize High-Performance Genomic Research NORWICH, U.K. – 30 August 2017—Optalysys Ltd. (@Optalysys), a start-up pioneering the development of light-speed optical co-processors, will demonstrate the latest prototype of its breakthrough technology for genomic searching at the Genome 10k / Genome Science conference. Optalysys partner, The Earlham Institute (EI), will present the […]

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