The roots of optical processing can be traced back to 1859 and it has been an established field since the 1950s.

Optalysys will launch its first initial products
Optalysys prototype will be completed bringing the technology to TRL4
Optalysys proof of concept derivative processor was developed
Optalysys was incorporated to focus on the larger scale optical processing goals
Cambridge Correlators (forerunner to Optalysys) was incorporated
Crossland et al develop Ferroelectric liquid crystal SLMs
Horner proposes the phase only matched filter, Psaltis proposes binary version
Casasent uses SLMs in optical correlators as a means to dynamically enter numerical data
Gray develops stable liquid crystal, basis of LC displays
Lohmann introduced the first computer generated hologram late 1960s - first liquid crystal SLMs introduced
Weaver and Goodman presented the Joint Transform Correlator architecture
Vander Lugt demonstrated a technique for synthesising the complex filter of a coherent optical processor using a Fourier hologram which led to the 4-f matched filter correlator
Laser was invented by Bell Labs and Gordon Gould
Marechal demonstrated spatial frequency filtering under a coherent illumination
Duffieux published a book on the use of Fourier methods in optics
Zernike presented the phase contrast filter
Ernst Abbe developed the theory of image formation on a microscope
Leon Foucault's knife-edge test started the work on optical information processing
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New Opening: Project Manager
Optalysys is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic project manager to join this pioneering team.
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Senior Software Engineer joins Optalysys

Optalysys welcomes a second Senior Software Engineer, Corwin Joy, to the team based in Nevada, USA. Corwin has over 20 years experience writing algorithms for high performance numerical computing. He holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Statistics from Rice University. Past projects include OLAP visualization tools at […]

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We’ve moved!

Welcome to our new UK Headquarters office based in Glasshoughton, West Yorkshire!  We are proud and excited to announce that our UK team moved to a new location on April 1st 2017 to support our growing team and laboratory space requirements. Over the past year we have expanded to 13 employees (10 in the UK, […]

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Software Engineer joins Optalysys

Optalysys welcomes Software Engineer Omri Kalinsky to the team based in Nevada, USA. Omri has been a professional software engineer since 1998. He has a varied background of applications ranging from medical imaging, military simulation and games to business and productivity software, embedded systems and mobile applications. He has specific expertise in C++ including developing and teaching C++ […]

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