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Genetic Sequence Alignment Module - coming Q1 2018

In genomics, pattern matching against a sequence of nucleotides or amino acids is critical to the assembly, annotation and comparison of complex genomes.  This helps tackle diseases in humans, such as cancer and in crops that provide global food security.

The public sequencing databases that contain this data are doubling in size every 18 months or less. Extensive searches of these DNA databases are becoming too expensive and require access to large High Performance Computing (HPC) resources that consume vast amounts of energy for power and cooling.

In Q1 2018 we will offer a Genetic Sequence Alignment Module which runs on our FT:X hardware to perform BLAST-like sequence alignment at the speed of light and at incredibly low power.


Contact us to order a system, arrange a demonstration or test your data through our cloud service. 

Project GENESYS: 

Genetic Search System


Optalysys has partnered with The Earlham Institute to create a Genetic Search System through a 2 year 6 month project that has successfully been awarded £0.5m from government body Innovate UK.

Optalysys are the only company with 
the proven technology and expertise 
to realise our vision and we are excited to be in partnership with them
— Dr Tim Stitt, Head of Scientific Computing, Earlham Institute


To produce a working Genetic Search System prototype for The Earlham Institute (formerly The Genome Analysis Centre) to perform sequence searches of metagenomic reads sequenced from the Human Microbiome Project Mock Community against a database consisting of 20 bacterial genomes totalling 64+ million base pairs


  • A system at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 on NASA’s scale for technology product maturity (working system in a real-world environment)
  • 95% energy savings and 20x faster processing

Project Timeline