Bringing light into the equation

Optalysys is developing its optical processing technology to form the basis of equation solving models that govern natural and social  processes such as heat flow, fluid evolution and financial markets. With funding from DARPA under the ACCESS program we recently completed a proof of concept study on retrieving complex data from the optical domain - a key building block to producing larger equation solving systems.


Project EQUATE

Light Speed Mathematical Processing


Optalysys completed a seedling project with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2017 exploring light-speed mathematical processing.


To investigate applying the Optalysys optical processing technology towards solving complex mathematical equations that form the basis of large scale simulations such as those used in plasma modelling and fluid dynamics.


  •  A feasibility report describing the outputs of an Optalysys research system performing example mathematical functions.
  • A roadmap for scaling the technology into a commercial product.


  • Successfully awarded a $350k grant from DARPA for the 13 month “seedling” project (see press release for more details).
  • Started 11th April 2016 and was successfully completed in May 2017.  We are now in discussions with DARPA with regards to follow-on projects.