HPC Today reports on Optalysys’s potential impact on CFD


HPC Today publishes an interview with Optalysys’s Dr. Nick New and James Duez on the groundbreaking optical computing technology Optalysys is developing. The technology, which aims to provide a step-change in computer processing power at a fraction of the energy consumption of traditional electronic systems, could prove to be a game-changer for the field of CFD.

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About Optalysys
Optalysys are developing optical computing technology which will provide a step change in high-speed processing. Optalysys technology uses the natural properties of light through low-power laser beams instead of electricity to perform complex operations such as Big Data analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. This revolutionary approach offers a significant leap forward in high-end processing whilst reducing power consumption to a fraction of the cost of today’s silicon technology.