NASA scientist joins groundbreaking UK supercomputing startup


Former NASA Johnson Space Center scientist, Dr. Richard Juday, has joined the UK based supercomputing startup, Optalysys Ltd, as a technical advisor.

Optalysys is days away from launching a prototype optical processor with the potential to realise Exascale levels of processing power on a desktop sized computer at a fraction of the energy consumption and cost of conventional supercomputers and HPC technology.

Dr. Juday was the head of the Hybrid Vision Laboratory at NASA where he oversaw image processing and pattern recognition using digital computations and coherent optics encoding and filtering.

Optalysys CEO, Dr. Nick New, says “We are excited to have Dr. Juday onboard. He is a renowned expert in optical processing and liquid crystal technology. His expertise and connections will be an invaluable asset to the Optalysys team.”

Dr. Juday comments “I am looking forward to working with Dr. Nick New and the team at Optalysys. The technology they are developing is truly a game-changer for computer processing.”

Dr Juday is based in Colorado, USA and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a Fellow member of SPIE and of OSA, holds nine US patents, and is co-author of Correlation Pattern Recognition, a Cambridge book for which he wrote the optics sections. His other current notable areas of work include a NASA funded project to explore the principles of future space travel technology using White-Juday warp field interferometers.

A short film explaining the revolutionary Optalysys technology, narrated by Professor Heinz Wolff, is available to view here. For more information,

Notes to editors:
Optalysys was founded in 2013 by Dr Nick New and James Duez.
An electrical engineer and expert in optical pattern recognition, Nick developed the forerunner to the Optalysys technology whilst carrying out PhD research at Cambridge University and with Cambridge Correlators.

Dr New went on to forge relationships with military and other organisations including missile systems developer MBDA and NASA before securing funding to take Optalysys forward.

The Optalysys team includes specialists in software development, free-space optics, optical engineering and production engineering.
The company has several patents covering its groundbreaking technology.

Dr. Richard Juday retired from NASA in 2001 after 35 years. He was most recently the manager of the Hybrid Vision Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center.