Optalysys raises £400,000 seed investment


The optical computing company Optalysys Ltd has today announced that £400,000 of inward investment has been raised from a consortium of investors. The sum will allow the company to accelerate its optical processor development programme and enable the innovative technology to be brought to Technology Readiness Level 4 in late 2014.

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Optalysys Press Office
Email: info@optalysys.com

About Optalysys
Optalysys are developing optical computing technology which will provide a step change in high-speed processing. Optalysys technology uses the natural properties of light through low-power laser beams instead of electricity to perform complex operations such as Big Data analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. This revolutionary approach offers a significant leap forward in high-end processing whilst reducing power consumption to a fraction of the cost of today’s silicon technology.