Optoelectronics expert joins Optalysys

Optalysys Ltd, the optical processing company, is excited to announce that Peter Simpson has joined the team to work on Technical Development.

Peter initially studied for a BSc Astrophysics before moving into the field of Optoelectronics while studying for his MSc in Queen’s University, Belfast. Pete has since been involved in ultra-high intensity laser-plasma physics, neutron cargo screening and CNC polishing of precision optics and more recently in polishing X-Ray Telescope systems.  He has trained personnel in China, Czech Republic, South Korea and NASA.

Optalysys Press Office
Email: info@optalysys.com

About Optalysys
Optalysys are developing optical computing technology which will provide a step change in high-speed processing. Optalysys technology uses the natural properties of light through low-power laser beams instead of electricity to perform complex operations such as Big Data analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. This revolutionary approach offers a significant leap forward in high-end processing whilst reducing power consumption to a fraction of the cost of today’s silicon technology.