Optalysys, Ltd. Expands Into Chinese Market 致力于开发光学计算方案的Optalysys公司正式进军中国市场

Light-Speed Optical Computing Startup demonstrates prototype technology for high performance genetic sequence alignment at ICG-12 Conference, Shenzhen China

Optalysys在ICG-12 大会展示用于高性能基因排序的光学计算产品原型


Optalysys Prototype System.png

GLASSHOUGHTON, WEST YORKSHIRE, U.K. and RENO, Nev. U.S.–October 26, 2017—Optalysys Ltd. (@Optalysys), a start-up pioneering optical computing solutions to address the world's biggest challenges, at the speed of light, today announced its commitment to the Chinese Life Sciences market.  Optalysys is demonstrating its the latest prototype of its breakthrough technology for genomic searching at the 12th International Conference for Genomics (ICG-12) in Shenzhen, China on 26-28th October 2017. 



“The global demand for faster processing of ever expanding volumes of data is outpacing the capabilities of computing, particularly in the burgeoning areas of Deep Learning, Scientific Simulation and Big Data analysis.” said Dr. Nick New, CEO of Optalysys. “Power consumption is also now a major constraint in running high performance computing tasks.  Optalysys optical processing solutions are highly scalable and complement existing computing architectures at a fraction of the energy consumption with the ability to handle massive amounts of data.”

Optalysys公司首席执行官Nick New博士表示:“随着全球数据量的不断提升,目前的数据处理能力已经远远超出当前计算机可承受的范畴,特别是在深度学习、科学模拟和大数据分析等新兴领域。当运行高性能计算时,功耗成为了最重要的瓶颈。Optalysys光学处理解决方案可处理大规模数据,可以在现有计算架构内降低功耗并处理大量数据。”


Optalysys first product will perform light speed genetic sequence alignment.  The technology employs a novel correlation-based approach to the task of aligning sequenced reads to a reference sequence. Early tests indicate the technology is capable of a high sensitivity of alignments.  Furthermore the technology allows multiple read sizes to be used, from standard lengths up to next generation read length sizes of thousands of bases.



Genomic alignment is the first of many application areas being targeted by Optalysys. The companyenvisions the technology being integrated with standard computer systems across a range of demanding industrial and scientific areas that are becoming limited by the slow-down of progression in electronic computing.



“Chinese Life Sciences organisations are global leaders in groundbreaking genomic research and are a top priority focus as potential customers for our first product.” said Emma Blaylock, director, chief commercial officer at Optalysys.   

Optalysys首席商务官Emma Blaylock表示:“很多从事生命科学研究的中国公司和组织在基因组研究方面是全球的领跑者,我们此次推出的新产品将为其研究带来极大的帮助。”


Optalysys will be demonstrating the technology at booth C10 at ICG-12. For more information about the ICG-12 Conference, please visit: http://www.icg-12.org/





Optalysys is developing optical computing solutions with the potential to exceed what can be achieved with electronics at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption. Its coprocessor technology is based on an established diffractive optical approach that uses low-power laser light in place of electricity for processing. This inherently parallel method enables increased processing capacity that is highly scalable.

This week’s demonstration is the final prototype before Optalysys launches a commercially available version in early 2018.



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EASTWEST for Optalysys Ltd.
Nicole Fan
Tel: +86 010 65820018