New Opening: Business Development Manager


Optalysys is seeking a talented and enthusiastic Business Development Manager to join this pioneering team.

To apply, please send your CV to

Requisition ID:OPT006
Location:West Yorkshire
Open Date:22nd Aug 2017

Role Description:
Today’s fastest electrical computing systems are failing to meet customers’ unquenchable demands for high performance computing. Optalysys is creating systems based on revolutionary optical processing technology which enables a significant increase in processing speed for specific tasks such as Big Data Analysis whilst using a fraction of the energy. We aspire to build a device that will provide nearly 200x the processing capability using 1/6000th of the energy in comparison to the current fastest high performance computer.

Our first target market is bioinformatics. We are currently collaborating with The Earlham Institute on a project to build the basis of a genomic sequence alignment device that will be launched in the market in Jan 2018. Following this product launch we plan to offer products targeted at additional applications within life sciences and other industries including aerodynamics, weather forecasting, financial analysis and beyond.

We are looking for an experienced business development manager who can lead taking this and subsequent products to market in Europe. He/she must be capable of working within a small, ambitious team in a dynamic and engaging start-up company.

Essential Qualifications:

- Bachelors degree or higher.

- Ability to identify and prioritise target business opportunities, market segments, customers and partners and define go-to-market plans for different products.

- Proven capability of building relationships with multiple partners and customers for a range of products.

- Proven capability of quickly grasping a “business-level” understanding of technology products and being able to effectively communicate this with partners/customers.

- Ability to track overall view of customer conversations across the team and report on overall progress to senior management.

- Excellent oral and written communication skills.

- Networking at conference and industry events.

- Ability to work independently and an ability to work effectively across geographically displaced teams.

- Creative thinker, analytical and problem solver.

- Enthusiasm and ability to work in a collaborative, fast-paced, changing environment.

- Right to work in the UK.

- Travel will be required.

Desirable Qualifications:

- Sales experience and developing successful pipelines of leads.

- Experience in defining sales and support teams and recruiting key individuals.

- Supporting financial planning including revenue forecasts and targets.

- Startup experience.