Optalysys and EI demo sequence alignment technology at AGBT


On Wednesday February 15th 2017 at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference in Hollywood Beach, Florida we held a joint demonstration with the Earlham Institute of our optical processing technology performing genetic sequence alignment.

The prototype demonstration showed our co-processor technology performing sequence alignment with 151 base pairs reads against the ecoli genome and outputting the results into a SAM file format which is a widely used format for storing biological sequence alignment data.  It showed the ability of the technology to align partially matched reads and its ability to dynamically switch between BLAST-like and BWA-like outputs.

We attracted a large and enthusiastic audience of bioinformaticians, scientists, biologists and technology vendors who are very keen to see a revolutionary technology come to market to support them in their alignment work.

About Optalysys:

Optalysys was founded in 2013 to develop revolutionary optical processing technology for the areas of Big Data processing and complex mathematics.  The first product is launching at the end of 2017 and performs genetic sequence alignment.

Optalysys evolved from a University of Cambridge spin-out known as Cambridge Correlators Limited (CCL) when the team refocused on large scale HPC applications.

The Optalysys team includes specialists in software development, bioinformatics, free-space optics and optical engineering.

The company has several patents covering its groundbreaking technology.