Investors begin to see the light

Today Boston-based Lightmatter announced an investment of $22million led by Google’s Alphabet,  providing further proof that the world is embracing optical processing technology - using light rather than silicon to perform the mathematical calculations used in AI models.  

Demand for faster processing is exploding at a time when silicon is reaching the fundamental limits of its capabilities and Moore’s law is breaking down. The high power consumption and running costs for silicon approaches mean that there is a critical need for alternative processing methods and optical processing is the only scaleable solution.

Optical processing offers a radically different approach - true parallel processing at the speed of light and at a fraction of the power of traditional silicon. Optalysys (@Optalysys) will be the world’s first company to commercially launch an optical co-processing system this summer targeted at AI and image based applications.

Optalysys CEO Dr Nick New said “This investment announced today led by Google confirms the credibility and need for optical processing approaches. Optalysys is uniquely capable of processing high resolution image data which other optical approaches cannot do in single operations - providing new levels of processing for IOT applications. This is a time of huge change in the field of computing and Optalysys is leading the way.


Optalysys is developing Optical Computing Platforms, which enable a quantum leap into new levels of processing capability delivered at a fraction of the cost with a vastly reduced energy consumption compared with conventional computers. Its first coprocessor is based on an established diffractive optical approach that uses the photons of low-power laser light instead of conventional electricity and its electrons. This inherently parallel technology is highly scalable and is the new paradigm of computing.