Optalysys tackles online extremist content at the speed of light with new optical processor

UNITED KINGDOM - 15 MAY, 2019 - Optalysys Ltd. (@Optalysys), an Optical Computing and Artificial Intelligence company, boldly states the days of online hate and abusive content are numbered when Social Media giants’ Artificial Intelligence systems are powered by Optical Processors.

Optalysys technology is designed specifically to solve the problem of examining videos and images in real time and then making decisions about the nature of the content through Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Commenting on the Christchurch Call Summit in Paris today, Dr Nick New, CEO and founder of Optalysys said: “With the eyes of the world on the leaders of global technology companies, it will be innovations like our optical processors that will enable us to overcome the challenges that terrorist and violent extremist content presents”.

Dr New continues: “It is in partnership with governments and global technology companies that together we can make the internet safer for everyone”.

The Christchurch Call Summit is bringing world political leaders and top executives from Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and other social media companies to meet in Paris today to discuss tackling terrorist and violent extremist content. The U.K. based company is using the power of light within the processor, to enable a full High Definition images to be processed at incredibly fast speeds to identify areas of concern.

Commenting on the significance of this advance, Dr Nick New, said: ”Optalysys is truly unique in that our optical processing technology can analyse the entire image in one go, rather than needing to sample the content or break it down into small tiles, potentially losing important detail or creating huge inefficiencies in the processing time”.

Dr New continues: “This fundamental difference is key to solving the issue of extremist content. By processing this whole video images in one shot at the speed of light, our technology can act much faster than anything that can be done in silicon processors and at a fraction of the energy.“


Optalysys is a world leader in Optical Processors and Artificial Intelligence applications. The company holds 8 patents for its technology which enables new levels of processing capability at a vastly reduced energy consumption compared with conventional computers. The technology offers a new paradigm of computing – it is inherently parallel and highly scalable. Optalysys launched the world’s first Convolutional Neural Network powered by Optical Processors in 2018, demonstrating the future of AI. Optalysys has previously been awarded funding from the EU, DARPA and Innovate UK. Recently Optalysys was a finalist for KPMG’s Best British Tech Startup 2019 and has been shortlisted for the finals of Pitch@Palace.


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