About –

Key team and advisors


Management Team



CEO, Director, Founder –

Dr Nick New

Founded Optalysys in 2013 with 20 years experience in Fourier optical processing, having previously spun Cambridge Correlators Ltd. out of the University of Cambridge from technology developed during PhD in Optical Pattern Recognition.


Chief Technical Officer –

Robert Todd

30 years of expertise in optics. Founded RDT Precision Optics specialising in bespoke opto-mechanical systems supplying BAE Systems, CERN, Nanometrics and Seagate. 15 years experience in building complex Fourier optical systems.


VP Technology –

Dr Ananta Palani

PhD in Electrical Engineering on Phase Recovery Systems from the University of Cambridge and an MS in Artificial Intelligence. Leads the Optalysys Inc. office in Nevada, US. Expertise in computer science, silicon photonics, and Fourier optics.




Scientific Advisory Board



University of York –

Prof Thomas Krauss 

World renowned expert in silicon photonics and one of the most highly cited academics in the UK. Initiated the field of semiconductor photonic crystals and demonstrated the first waveguide based photonic crystal structures in the world (Nature, 1996).


University of Liverpool –

Prof Douglas Kell CBE

Renowned figure in Biochemistry and Founding Director of Aber Instruments Ltd. Queen’s Award for Export Achievement 1998.


Dr. Richard Juday

Former Head of Hybrid Vision Lab, NASA, world renowned expert in Fourier optical processing.



University of Cambridge –

Prof Tim Wilkinson

Renowned expert in liquid crystal materials, nanotubes, Fourier optical processing and holography.






R&D Engineer –

Pete Simpson

MSc in Optoelectronics & Optical Information Processing, expertise in laser physics.


Senior Software Engineer –

Omri Kalinsky

25 years expertise in OpenGL, C++, Linux and Windows driver development.

Deep Learning Engineer –

Dr Mike Wilby

PhD in Astronomical Instrumentation on Adaptive Optics for Extra-Solar Planet Detection from Leiden University, Holland.


R&D Engineer –

Dr Alan Bell

PhD in Experimental Particle Physics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland whilst at CERN.


Deep Learning Engineer –

Dr Lee Odiam

PhD in Computer Science from the University of Hull on Analysis and Optimization of Complex Systems.


R&D Engineer –

Livi Hammond

BSc in Physics from the University of Oxford and skilled in optical design using Zemax.


Deep Learning Engineer –

Edward Cottle

MEng in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Leeds University.


Photonics Engineer –

Dr Simeon Kaunga-Nyirenda

PhD in Optoelectronics and Photonics from University of Nottingham and MPhil in Engineering (Photonics and Optical Networks) from University of Cambridge.


Photonics Engineer –

Dr. Abdul Shakoor

PhD in optoelectronics from University of St Andrews, and most recently a Senior Research Fellow at the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton.


Deep Learning Engineer –

Steven Balding

PhD in decentralised robotic colonies with distributed reasoning and ambient mapping at the University of Hull.


Photonics Engineer –

Dr Jesper Håkansson

PhD in Silicon Photonics and Optomechanical Sensors from the University of Gent, Belgium.