Introducing FT:X Optical Processing Technology

The Optalysys technology is based on the well established principles of Fourier Optics, coupled with the latest high resolution liquid crystal microdisplays and our unique patented approach to producing precisely aligned optical systems in a compact and rugged format.

Our technology employs liquid crystal microdisplays as the digital:optical interface. These encode numerical information into a low power laser beam which is then projected through the optical process. By exploiting the principle of diffraction, we can generate two dimensional Fourier Transform processes in parallel and at the speed of light, independent of resolution. By combining multiple stages together in a single optical path, our technology can produce game changing levels of processing power, yet taking only a fraction of the electrical power consumed by conventional electronic computer hardware.

We are initially providing our technology in the form of optical co-processors that fit easily into standard electronic computer architectures, to complement existing hardware and to solve processing bottlenecks - enabling a new level of processing.