VP Deep Learning - Job Specification


Role Description:

Optalysys is developing optical computing technology which performs Fourier transform-based operations at resolutions and speeds beyond the capabilities of conventional processors, whilst consuming only a fraction of the equivalent electricity. 

The primary application of the technology is an optical implementation of an image-based deep learning system known as a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). The optical system provides the convolution, pooling and nonlinear functions that form the convolutional layer of a multi-layer CNN. Early implementation has demonstrated the validity of the concept and we are now seeking to establish a team of Deep Learning experts to work with the other technical teams within Optalysys to create the first solutions.

The VP Deep Learning will lead this team of Deep Learning experts and the AI development going forward. The role requires a senior engineer with management credentials, with experience in leading Deep Learning teams and ideally working with and creating alternative processing paradigms. He/she must have experience of bringing novel technology solutions from idea to market and have enquiring mind that is open to technical challenges. 


Essential Qualifications:

•   Proven track record of forming and managing Deep Learning / AI teams

•   Experience in developing optimal Deep Learning models

•   Experience in defining Deep Learning products and prioritising product roadmaps and application focus areas

•   Ability to work with other technical teams to develop a suite of products and solutions

•   Track record of working at a senior level within an organisation

•   Previous experience in technical sales and forming business development partnerships for Deep Learning/AI solutions

•   Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.

•   Networking with potential customers and partners at conference and industry events.

•   Ability to work independently and an ability to work effectively across geographically displaced teams.

•   Creative thinker, analytical and problem solver.

•   Enthusiasm and ability to work in a collaborative, fast-paced, changing environment.

•   Bachelors degree or higher.

•   Right to work in the U.K.

•   Travel will be required to converse with partners and customers.


Desirable Qualifications:

•   Experience with conventional and alternative computer processing hardware

•   Ideally Yorkshire based though flexible depending in current location and location of future team members e.g. remote office in South of England may be considered

•   Startup experience

Please send your application to: jobs@optalysys.com.